ATLANTA -- There was a man with a blue sign. It read "I came to see Isiah Mack."

Since making the official 53-man roster for the Tennessee Titans less than a month ago, the former Northwest Whitfield High School standout, spelled Isaiah Mack, has become quite the popular figure.

As Mack ran off the field of Mercedes-Benz Stadium Sunday afternoon, the Titans having just defeated the Atlanta Falcons 24-10, the rookie defensive tackle was looking up into the stands and didn't see the man with the blue sign.

It's much harder to keep up with everyone now that he plays on Sundays.

"I don't know who that was," Mack said with a smile.

Though he didn't travel too far from his hometown of Tunnel Hill when he played football in college at Tennessee-Chattanooga, Mack said to play in the heart of his home state felt like a homecoming.

"It's an unbelievable feeling to come into my home state to get a W," he said. "I was telling the guys that it's crazy because you grow up hearing about the Falcons and watching the Falcons.

"I'm surprised the whole (city) of Dalton isn't here. It's like a dream come true. It just feels good to come home today."

Mack switched in and out of the game for all four quarters on Sunday, and took over for starter Jurrell Casey when the four-time Pro Bowl player needed a breather.

Mack really got in on the action about halfway through the first quarter when he nearly got his hand on a Matt Ryan pass. He continued to push his way through the Falcons' offensive line when he had his chance, and was finally credited with a half-sack -- alongside linebacker Rashaan Evans -- in the final period.

It was one of five sacks for the strong-winded Titans defense who didn't allow a Falcons score since the first quarter in the win. There was also one from Casey who forced and recovered a fumble on the same play.

"I stayed trying to get to the quarterback, because coach says the plays doesn't end until the quarterback gets down," Mack said. "We wanted to control the game. We wanted to control the tempo and physicality, and I feel like we did an amazing job."

The performance wasn't just a homecoming for Mack, but for multiple friends and family he does know. In attendance was his former Northwest Whitfield coaches Josh Robinson and Lance Miner, along with their families.

After the game, Mack came out of the locker room to greet his family.

"To me, Nashville isn't that far," his mother Sequoyah Mack said. "But being in Georgia we were Falcons fans. We came to Falcons games. When he's this close to home, you'd hate not to be here."

Sequoyah Mack admitted it is getting a little bit harder to know who is following the likes of her son.

"For him, just to have the support of this community means a lot," she said. "He appreciates the support, even from the ones that he doesn't know."

For Mack's younger brother, Rashun, who is a senior at Georgia State, the even shorter trip for him was also a no-brainer.

"This is so surreal," the Dalton High graduate said. "We used to talk about playing here. He's the hardest working dude I know, so I'm probably more proud than he is."

The newfound popularity of his brother is another thing Rashun said has taken him and his family by storm.

"He was not a popular guy in high school," he said. "He didn't really care about all the people because football is what he wanted to do. You can't get him to stand still, now."

While Sunday's win was just another game, as the Titans move to 2-2 on the season, Mack has one thing on his mind moving forward.

"I'm just trying to be the best teammate I can be and do whatever the older guys say," he said. "I think I turned a lot of Falcons fans into Titans fans, too, so that's all I wanted to do."

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