Player of the year

Sophia Voyles, senior, Coahulla Creek (pitcher) — 21 wins; 172 innings pitched; 303 Ks, 1.24 ERA; .396 batting average; seven home runs; eight doubles; 26 RBIs. Second straight time being named the Daily Citizen-News All-Area Player of the Year. GACA All-State Second Team in Class 3A.

First team

Pitcher: Tatiana Chiesa, senior, Christian Heritage (pitcher, utility) — 127 innings pitched; 184 Ks; 1.97 ERA; .391 batting average; 20 RBIs.

Catcher: Emma Snyder, senior, Coahulla Creek (catcher) — .250 batting average; five doubles; 13 RBIs; 13 runs scored.

Infield: Steahl Smith, junior, Coahulla Creek (third base) — .441 batting average; four doubles; 41 RBIs; 21 runs scored.

Infield: Gracie Young, sophomore, Dalton (second base) — .467 batting average; 28 hits; five doubles; 24 RBIs; 16 runs scored. First Team All-Region 5-6A.

Infield: Jillian Poe, senior, Coahulla Creek (first base) — .350 batting average; 28 hits; six doubles; 23 RBIs; 25 runs scored.

Infield: Torrey Cummings, junior, Northwest Whitfield (third base, shortstop) — .256 batting average; three home runs; 20 hits; six doubles; 16 RBIs; 17 runs scored.

Infield: Ansley Adkins, junior, Christian Heritage (second base) — .351 batting average; 20 hits; eight doubles; 31 RBIs; 14 runs scored.

Outfield: Mary Kate Humphrey, senior, Christian Heritage (center field) — .347 batting average; 10 RBIs; 31 runs scored; 11 stolen bases.

Outfield: Claire Archer, sophomore, Dalton (outfield) — .378 batting average; 17 hits; three doubles; 10 RBIs; 10 runs scored; Second Team All-Region 5-6A.

Outfield: Abygail Jarvi, sophomore, Northwest Whitfield (outfield) — .254 batting average; seven doubles; 13 RBIs; nine runs scored; 10 stolen bases.

Utility: McKinley Staten, senior, Coahulla Creek (outfield, second base) — .315 batting average; five doubles; 22 RBIs; 25 runs scored.

Utility: Kylie Hayes, junior, Northwest Whitfield (pitcher, outfield) — 148 innings pitched; 155 Ks; 2.46 ERA; .387 batting average; 14 runs scored.

Utility: Emily Brunson, senior, Dalton (pitcher, first base) — 65 Ks; 28 BB; 3.22 ERA; .310 batting average; 12 hits; seven RBIs; two runs scored.

Second team

Pitcher: Hope Parker, senior, Dalton (pitcher, first base) — 15 strikeouts; eight BB; 3.49 ERA; .349 batting average; 17 hits; one home run; three doubles; 12 RBIs.

Catcher: Natalie Moya, junior, Dalton (catcher, shortstop) — .324 batting average; six doubles; eight RBIs

Infield: Tatum Poe, senior, Coahulla Creek (shortstop) — .429 batting average; 29 runs scored; 16 stolen bases.

Infield: Elisa Castelo, senior, Christian Heritage (shortstop) — .408 batting average; eight doubles; two triples; 28 runs scored; 13 RBIs

Infield: Alyssa Usrey, junior, Murray County (shortstop) — .390 batting average; 23 hits; six doubles; four RBIs; eight runs scored; First Team All-Region 6-3A.

Infield: Alyson Jarvi, sophomore, Northwest Whitfield (first base) — .240 batting average; three home runs; 18 hits; 16 RBIs; 17 runs scored.

Infield: Madison Powell, senior, Southeast Whitfield (shortstop) — .311 batting average; 23 hits; four doubles; eight RBIs; nine runs scored.

Outfield: Maliyah Williams, senior, Southeast Whitfield (outfield) — .387 batting average; 29 hits; one home run; five doubles; four RBIs; 14 runs scored.

Outfield: Mia Sewell, junior, Northwest Whitfield (outfield, shortstop) — .344 batting average; 31 hits; four doubles; five RBIs; 22 runs scored.

Outfield: Mia Jones, senior, Coahulla Creek (outfield) — .243 batting average; eight RBIs; 13 runs.

Utility: Natalie O’Neal, junior, Murray County (pitcher, first base, outfield) — .339 batting average; 19 hits; one home run; two doubles; four RBIs; six runs scored.

Utility: Allison Cowan, junior, Northwest Whitfield (designated player, third base) — .268 batting average; 19 hits; two doubles; 12 RBIs.

Utility: Kaitlin Smith, junior, North Murray (pitcher, third base)

Honorable mentions

Dalton: Dasia Ware

North Murray: Makayla Womack, Abby Young

Northwest Whitfield: Eden Rann, Abi Snipes

Southeast Whitfield: Kaylee Taylor

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