One on one: A Q&A session with Dalton's Ava White

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Ava White plays tennis and is on the cheerleading squad at Dalton High School.

Dalton High School's Ava White can't decide on a favorite between cheerleading or playing tennis for the school.

"I love them both," White said. "Cheer allows me to perform in front of a crowd and work as a team player. It keeps me in great shape. Tennis allows me to work as an individual and set high goals and accomplish them for myself, which is good because I’m a very competitive person. Both have made me a better athlete."

The rising sophomore is set for another season in both after finding success as a freshman in both her favorite extracurricular activities. White competes as a singles line in tennis matches for the Lady Catamounts.

White answered a series of questions about her life on and off the tennis court, football sidelines and cheer mat.

Question: What’s your favorite memory from high school sports?

Answer: My favorite memory was getting to compete at state as a freshman on the tennis team and having a regular season record of 9-1. Also, I received rookie of the year for my cheer team and female MVP for my tennis team, which were both quite an honor.

Q: How did you get into cheer and tennis?

A: I’ve attended cheer camps since I was in kindergarten and I love every aspect of cheer-tumbling, dancing, stunting and jumping. I became interested in tennis around the fifth grade and attended a summer camp and fell in love with it. I like it because it’s an individual sport, fast paced and fun.

Q: What’s your favorite memory from high school so far outside of sports?

A: Even though it was a strange year due to COVID, I enjoyed serving as vice president of my class, representing my class on homecoming and sweetheart, and enjoying what school activities we were still able to have with my friends.

Q: How would you describe yourself outside of sports?

A: I would describe myself as easygoing, fun-loving, friendly and kind. I strive to be a good friend, good student and just an overall good person.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming cheer and tennis seasons?

A: In cheer, I’m looking forward to Friday nights and hopefully competing in state this year. We have a lot of talent on our team. In tennis, I’m hoping we can make it to state again and go even further than we did last season. On a personal level, I’d like to try and have an even better record than I had last season.

Q: What are your plans for after high school, if you have any yet?

A: I’d like to cheer at a Division I school, possibly Auburn, and maybe be a sports announcer after I graduate.

Q: What do you like to do for fun outside of school and sports?

A: I love hanging out with my friends and family, and I also dance with Dance Theatre of Dalton.

Q: Who is your favorite professional athlete?

A: I really admire Serena Williams. She has such an amazing work ethic, persistence and drive. She really set the bar high for women’s tennis.

Q: What’s your favorite app on your smartphone?

A: Snapchat is my favorite app because I can communicate with my friends through it when I’m not with them.

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