One on one: A Q&A session with Northwest Whitfield's Allie Anderson

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Allie Anderson is a setter and defensive specialist on the Northwest Whitfield High School volleyball team.

For Northwest Whitfield High School's Allie Anderson, the school's volleyball team feels more like a family.

"I am looking forward to building an even stronger friendship with my teammates," the junior said of the upcoming volleyball season. "Last year, we had been extremely close as a team on and off season. However, when we are constantly practicing and getting better together, we can grow a closer bond as not only a team, but a family."

That family atmosphere helped the Lady Bruins make a run all the way to the state finals in 2020, where they fell just short of the program's first championship.

Anderson answered a variety of questions about her life on and off of the court.

Q: What’s your favorite memory so far from high school sports?

A: My favorite memory so far in high school sports was last year on the bus on our way to the Elite 8 in Savannah, Georgia. No one else believed we could do this well in state, let alone ourselves. Therefore, we were so thankful for each other and proud of what we had accomplished.

Q: What’s your favorite memory from high school outside of sports?

A: My favorite memory of high school so far was coming back to school as a sophomore after being quarantined freshman year. Since everyone hadn’t seen each other in so long, we were so thankful to even be able to go back.

Q: How would you describe yourself outside of sports?

A: Outside of sports, I tend to be outgoing and energetic. I try to do my best to bring those characteristics on the court with me. I like to try anything that is put in front of me. If you ask my mom she would tell you if there is any possible way to go above and beyond, I would be the first one to try.

Q: What are your plans for after high school, if you have any yet?

A: After high school, I plan to go to college and pursue my bachelor’s degree. If it so happens that I receive an offer from a school for volleyball, I plan to further my education at that specific school. One area of study I have interest in is sports medicine. However, there is a good change my mind when the time comes.

Q: What is your favorite video game, movie, TV show or book series?

A: My favorite book and movie series is "Twilight." First of all, "Twilight" was one of the only books I could get myself to complete in middle school. The second reason is because of a great memory of an old friend. I used to live in Oregon, and my best friend lived there as well. Every time she came over to my house we would watch a "Twilight" movie.

Q: What’s your favorite app on your smartphone?

A: My favorite app on my phone would probably be FaceTime. I like to make long calls on FaceTime to my friends back in Oregon or short calls to let someone know I’m thinking of them. I think it’s such a great app, because you can see someone’s facial expression and hear their tone of voice, rather than just texting and not understanding the way something was being said.

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