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CHATSWORTH -- North Murray High School's Hayden Jones doesn't say much.

But then again, the senior guard and defensive tackle doesn't have to.

"He is just a hard-nosed kid," North Murray coach Preston Poag said. "He doesn't say a whole lot and he's temperate at times, but sometimes that's good when you play football. He's just got that little edge to him."

Jones is just one piece of the Mountaineers' large senior class that has played together since they were 7 and 8 years old. He admits when he was younger, he was much bigger than his teammates and just happened to stick to a position somewhere on the line.

"I was kind of just put in that spot," he said. "I'm not that big anymore compared to everyone else, but I was at that time."

Since growing into his position up front one of the best things about Jones, Poag said, is his ability to play just about anywhere.

"He's played a lot of different positions, and every year he's gotten a little bit better," Poag said. "You want lineman like that where you can move them around in case someone gets hurt or someone is struggling.

"Over the years, he's just gotten stronger in the weight room and his actions say a lot more than his words."

Jones is also joined on the team by his brother Holden who is a sophomore. Holden hasn't made it to the varsity team yet, but Poag said he should be just as big of a contributor when he gets a little stronger.

"They are totally different personalities," Poag said laughing. "Holden talks a lot. He's a big kid, too.

"When we are into hitting more, especially at camp and stuff like that, it's funny because they usually go against each other. It ends up being about half and half. Holden holds his own at times, and then Hayden would get upset and he would win."

Having his brother by his side has been special, Jones said.

"We haven't gotten to play together really, but we've gotten to go through practice together and then go home and talk about it," he said. "It's been fun. It's cool to see him learn a lot from me."

After high school, Jones said he would be interested in pursing a career in law enforcement. Until then, he and his teammates still have some business they would like to take care of.

The Mountaineers (2-1, 1-0 in Region 6-3A) take on powerhouse Calhoun tonight on the road. After winning their first region game of the season last week, this matchup is crucial in determining whether North Murray will have a chance at winning its first region championship in school history.

"We just need to get a few things figured out," Jones said. "We need to make sure everyone stays healthy and I think we'll be alright."

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